In 2013, Pro Fitness Group opened a full service gym for any fitness level.

We wanted to create a “second home” for those who are ready to begin their fitness journey or jump back into it!

We are committed to providing an inspiring gym experience where you can have fun, get stronger, and feel better!

What we offer


Tired of spending too much for so little in gyms? Try Pro Fitness Group today! We offer everything that you’d expect in a gym’s premium,our charges are quite reasonable and affordable.


Tired of having to wait in line for gym equipment? At Pro Fitness Group, we believe in delivering excellent services for what you pay for, all equipment will be made available to you whenever you need them.


At Pro Fitness Group, we want you to enjoy your "second home" and feel welcome!
We treat our members like family!
Come join our amazing community of like-minded individuals on there fitness journey.