Corporate memberships include exclusive access to all the amenities, with access to a personal trainer to begin a program customized to your goals.

About Us

Pro Fitness Group is a full-service gym for all fitness levels. We opened in 2013 and created an ideal environment for exercise by offering a judgment-free, safe gym for everyone. Beginners to training experts have a place at Pro fitness because we believe in serving everyone with care and commitment.

We Offer

Value:  All the extras, for the same price. We want you to feel like being here is better and different than any other gym.

Convenience:  Access to all your needs with no hassle. We want to respect your time and give you the right service.

Health & Nutrition:  Healthy lifestyles include a sustainable meal plan and customized nutrition. You have access to a Health Coach and personalized health coaching to get specific on your habits and lifestyle.


  • A one-year prepaid premium membership with towel and water service $476.19 including GST + receive 1 extra months free. That’s 14 months for the price of 12.
  • If you prefer to pay monthly, it’s just $41.66/Month per pass.
  • Organizations requiring 10 or more memberships will receive 1 free membership per 10 memberships.


  • Heal their staff who are happier, incur fewer sick days and are less prone to injury.
  • Staff who feel values and privileged and are more likely to seek other employment.
  • A tax-deductible investment for your company and non-taxable benefit for staff.
  • Leverage to lower your insurance cost
  • Value; a far smaller investment than in-house training facilities.
  • Access to fitness facilities is statistically the most requested and desirable benefit sought by employees!